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Sabio International Limited is a manufacturing company specializing in metal and leather products founded in Hong Kong . Armed with our own design, sales and marketing as well as production teams, we have been dedicated to producing gift and premium items with the highest standards of design and quality, and earned a reputation as one of the premier manufacturers in the region.


Unsurpassed Sales Support
Our sales representative have been working in the gift and premium industry for more than 10 years.
We know what is important to our clients, and we really listen to them. After careful examination of your needs, we make sure all orders are accurately executed and are conscientiously taken care of. The ability to capture customers’ expectation requires an extensive knowledge of the industry, and our sound reputation and proven track record are vivid proofs of our excellent sales support service.

Comprehensive Production Capabilities
Established in 2004, our production facility in Guangdong is outfitted with the latest metal and leather manufacturing technology. Our scalable plant extends over 6,800 square metres, with over 600 experienced workers to ensure that your orders are accomplished with the highest quality workmanship. In addition, our factory managers and technician have more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, who monitor all production lines acutely. Therefore we are able to meet even the most stringent production schedule, along with a myriad of other capabilities to meet our clients’ varying needs and expectations.

Truly Novel Designs 
We have very strong and dynamic design capabilities. Our product design team, well equipped with both design talent and technical know-how, always stays one step ahead of trends. Open to new ideas, they are constantly on the lookout for creative design inspiration, and incorporate new materials, elements or mechanisms to revolutionalise traditional key ring and stationery items. Never cease to surprise, our designs are fun, inventive and practical, all of which are designed to meet customers’ every specification.















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